Santaka: Santaka EP (digital, Sähkö, March 2023)

Well, this is a little gem. I guess it hovers in a kind of grey area between the jazzier end of techno and a kind of technoid jazz. Rhythmically, it combines a kind of motorik drive with a liquid fluency, which is pretty cool. (There’s both drum machines and live percussion in the mix.) And the melodies are infectiously perky. I’m suckered in by the almost kosmische feel of opener Burning Head, enchanted by the delightfully quirky Love Kilimanjaro, and by that point I don’t mind that the squawking atonal trumpet business on Kaukus is only staying just this side of my “confirmed jazz sceptic”, before things close out with the more mysterious Receiver. This isn’t my normal fare, but I kind of love it all the more for that.

I bought this from Boomkat. They call it Techno / House and Jazz / Fusion.

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