Julia Sabra & Fadi Tabbal: Snakeskin (digital, Ruptured, October 2022)

A lot of the vocals from this Lebanese duo sound like dream pop, but the music tells a different story. There’s glitchy ambient, brittle electro-pop, jarring ambient, full-spectrum organ drone, and more. It can get almost overwhelming in places. In a good way, I mean. The lyrics often perform a similar switcheroo: take In Our Garden, which starts out sweetly enough about the life in said garden, but quickly makes it that there is nothing tweely bucolic about this, but rather it’s a creepy, feverish business, each verse ending with a quiet but intense refrain of “get me out of here”. (This being me, I obviously find myself thinking about the beginning of Blue Velvet.) It’s a striking and moving release.

I bought this from Boomkat. They call it modern classical / ambient.

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