Here is a site where I will write some words about (most of) the records that I buy. Partly this is because I find the discipline of thinking about the music enough to put my thoughts into words to be useful and make me appreciate it more. Partly it’s because I have a bad memory and it’s useful to me to be able to look back. Partly it’s because I guess I’m just about vain enough to hope someone might find it interesting. But mostly it’s the discipline thing. Hello, anyway.

A black and white image of a stone angel in a graveyard, its arms aloft, but with no hands, impotently raving against its own decay

genre_acid genre_ambient genre_ambient_techno genre_boomkat_modern_classical genre_classical genre_dark_ambient genre_drone genre_electronic genre_folk genre_glitch genre_jazz genre_minimal genre_modern_classical genre_post_rock genre_synth genre_techno label_editions_mego label_erased_tapes label_kranky label_miasmah label_raster_noton label_room_40 label_shelter_press label_sonic_pieces label_sub_rosa label_touch label_tri_angle label_type label_warp post_out_of_band year_2008 year_2009 year_2010 year_2011 year_2012 year_2013 year_2014 year_2015 year_2016 year_2017 year_2018 year_2019 year_2020 year_2021 year_2022

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