Erika: Anevite Void (digital, Interdimensional Transmissions, February 2023)

It seems like Erika Sherman and the label she co-runs have been quite a big deal in Detroit since the late nineties, without ever really seeking fame outside the midwest. Which is a shame, as this is utterly smashing. Everything from the name Interdimensional Transmissions to the high-concept sci-fi sleeve notes are very second-gen Detroit, and the music more than lives up to this. Some tracks are pure supple Drexciyan electro. Others are more ominous in mood, in a deeply squelchy kind of way (the closing track reminds me of the profane bass architecture of Head Technician, if you’ll excuse the more parochial reference). There are shades of ambient techno at times. Pretty much everything is laced with delightfully catchy melodies, the kind that slap a daft grin on my daft face over and over again. She introduces her kit list as her “closest friends and family”, which reveals that she is closely related to both the Moogs and the Rolands. This is music that takes me to my happy place for a solid hour and hooray for that.

I bought this from the artists’ Bandcamp page.

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