Kali Malone: Does Spring Hide Its Joy? (digital, Ideologic Organ, January 2023)

How much drone is too much drone? Well, if it’s this good, I’m inclined to say that three hours is not enough, ‘cos after immersing myself in this I have felt a kind of loss when it stops.

This is a collaboration between Kali Malone on oscillators, Lucy Railton on cello, and Stephen O’Malley out of Sunn O))) on electric guitar — not that you’d immediately identify a guitar sound in here, he seems to be extracting noises from the depths of it rather than doing anything as gauche as, y’know, strumming it. These are three of my favourite things, and the whole is wonderfully greater than the sum of its parts. It swells and it layers and it plays off itself and it slowly acquires a mystical intensity and I love it.

(Advice for the streamers, since it took me a moment to figure this out: The tracklist on bandcamp, YTM, etc. presents two thirds of the music as six twenty-minute tracks, and then the who thing as three hour-long tracks. If you just want to listen to it once, I think you should skip tracks 1–6 and just listen to 7–9.)

I bought this from Malone’s bandcamp page.

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