Little Simz: NO THANK YOU (streaming, December 2022, Forever Living Originals / AWAL)

I think my first encounter with Little Simz was that one track where the intro sounds uncannily like Aphex Twin, and for some reason it gave me a cognitive dissonance that I found disturbing. That’s not a criticism — it was my weird reaction, and it’s on my. But I think I’m over that now, ‘cos this is great.

I was tempted to give this a proper listen after seeing a review saying it was more old-school than Sometimes I Might Be Introvert. Which it is, and which I really like. That’s not to say it doesn’t have swooshy bits. But it’s got a really nice laid-back vibe, great production, great lyrics (focussing on race, music industry exploitation, religion, mental health, and the intersectionality of the above, among other things), and a flow which I just find really appealing.

(I didn’t buy this, only streamed it a bunch, because I couldn’t find anywhere sensible selling it, oddly enough.)

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