Fluxion: Parallel Moves (digital, Vibrant Music, October 2021)

Dub techno is one of those genres which I had a little flurry of interest in years and years ago, but haven’t bought much of more recently, because… well, to be frank, because there were a lot of records that were perfectly nice but which didn’t seem to give me much that I couldn’t get by replaying an old Echospace LP.

What distinguishes this album, to my ears, is melody. There’s lots of melody. It’s quite chirpy at times. Or at least, quite chirpy for its genre. Sometimes there’s even a kind of laid-back lounge-type feel to it. At least one track includes some jazzy live-sounding percussion. On paper, this might all sound kind of off-putting, but it actually works really well. At 76 minutes, it’s definitely longer than most albums these days, or most albums I listen to at any rate, but it benefits from the length: this is music to get lost in. And, sure, this isn’t revolutionary, but it’s a welcome addition to my (virtual, these days) shelves.

(This is the second dub-related record I’ve bought in a month, after the Hoavi one. I’m pretty sure this is a coincidence.)

I bought this on Bandcamp.

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