Hoavi: Invariant (digital, Peak Oil, October 2021)

My first thought when I heard this is that it combines elements and atmospherics familiar from dub, and in particular from dub techno (the first track even has an echoey vocal sample saying “dub” in case you needed a clue) with breakbeats more familiar from jungle (albeit the more laidback end). Is dub jungle a thing? A quick google suggests not, which seems a bit surprising given how much the latter was influenced by the former. Anyway, I know that I am officially Captain Bad At Genres, but I’m going with my gut here and plumping for that. Although there’s another rhythmical thing that skitters in a way that ain’t exactly Amen, which I am informed might be footwork, although I am too old and confused to be confident about using such (ahem) newfangled terms.

Anyway, it’s all very relaxed, it’s very gently upbeat, it’s continually inventive, and it’s all rather lovely. Oh, and those glitchy broken snatches of vocal on the last track, Streamline, are just crack to me.

I bought this on Bandcamp.

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