St Francis Duo: Peacemaker Assembly (LP, Trost Records, April 2016)

I don’t even pretend to be able to keep up with the output of Sunn 0))) main-man Stephen O’Malley. I happened across this, though, and it’s smashing. St Francis Duo are O’Malley and his old mucker Steve Noble. The LP consists of two tracks, clocking in at just under twenty minutes each, of intense, doomy work from O’Malley on guitars (and “amplifiers”) and loose, clattering, jazzy percussion from Noble — a really successful combination. The A-side is thick and dark, and yet it doesn’t take itself too seriously, they sound like they’re just enjoying the sounds they’re making together. The B-side starts off in a somewhat sparser manner (although it’s not exactly light) and builds slowly, which actually makes it the more ominous of the two tracks. Fresh, meaty, and very very good.

I bought this from Boomkat. They call it Dark Ambient / Drone / Metal.

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