Secret Boyfriend: Memory Care Unit (LP, Blackest Ever Black, February 2016)

A variety of synth stuff on this intriguing album. The Singing Bile is, as its title wonderfully suggests, kind of sludgy yet melodic, a murky but sweet ambient number. Little Jammy Centre has a sort of wheezing drone, an echoey but jaunty little melody which is sort of like pop at one remove, and towards the end a subdued half-submerged vocal. This is going to sound crazy, but it sort of puts me in mind of a synth-pop Ivor Cutler… I’m sure that’s mostly just the name (my favourite Cutler album being Jammy Smears) but the association has sort of stuck with me. They’re Playing Themselves has probably the twinkliest melody of the album while still sounding half-asleep. My interest picks up on the second half. Paean Della Palme, possibly my favourite here, features a haunting carillon playing a tune which sounds uncannily like What The World Needs Now Is Love getting slowly eaten by an ambient hum. Stripping At The Nail is a bit of a retro treat, in a sort of post-punk/industrial/synth-pop way. Memorize Them Well is back to the melodic ambient, but in a more uplifting way, with a very satisfying feeling of resolution. All in all, a nice listen, if not world-changing.

I bought this from Boomkat. They call it Electronic.

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