Thomas Köner: Tiento De La Luz (LP, Denovali Records, March 2016)

This is a superbly stately piece of ambient classical. It’s centred around piano and electronics, with a touch of strings (early music favourite the viola da gamba, I gather), brass, and tuned percussion. Köner thinks nothing of leaving a single piano note hanging for five or ten seconds, echoing into the ambient wash. From time to time, a beautifully delicate little xylophone melody floats to the surface, or a strange echoey industrial sound clanks distantly by. Obviously, this is a kind of music that I love, but I set quite a high bar for it. This record is a thing of genuine innovation and genuine beauty, and I love it.

I bought this from Boomkat. They call it Techno / House (which is clearly a mistake).

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