Rian Treanor: Ataxia (2LP, Planet Mu, March 2019)

This is pretty exciting. The sound palette is heavily rave-inspired, but the methodology is all glitch. The drums are glitchy; the punchy little synth melodies are mostly glitchy; on the handful of tracks that have synthesized or sampled vocals, they are glitchy. (One minor quibble I have with this record is that, if the title is a reference to the experience of trying to dance to it, I think it’s in slightly poor taste.) This is the sort of thing that can become pretty grating pretty quickly if it’s not executed well, but here it is done excellently. To pick a random highlight, I love the aggressively cut-up vocal part on track B2, and the way it counterpoints with the drum line is just spot on… there are many moments like this. Like the brilliantly fractured hardcore of D1, complete with Juno-esque chord stabs and squeaky bat-fart noises. Superb stuff.

I bought this from Juno. They call it Experimental / Electronic.

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