JAB: Erg Herbe (LP, Shelter Press, March 2019)

In my formative years, the term “new-age” was pretty much an insult. In Thatcher’s Britain, you could revel in the spirit of corporate greed or you could rail against it, but either way the concept of any kind of cosmic harmony seemed hopelessly naive. Well, times change, and these days secular spirituality is quite on trend — and as I’ve matured I’ve certainly learnt to embrace my inner hippy. But I still find myself baulking at the associations my mind throws out when I hear that term “new-age”.

Maybe that needs to change. I mean, I loved the record that Laraaji did with Sun Araw back in 2016, right? And, let’s be honest, plenty of ambient music owes a debt to good old-fashioned new-age. So I think I’m going to try to overcome my mental block. I mean, so long as it has a wee bit of an experimental edge to it, you know? I don’t think I’m ready to go full-on tie-dyed flabby dope-haze music just yet.

Aaaanyway. Here is John Also Bennett (last seen in these parts in a rather charming Zin Taylor-inspired collaboration with Christina Vantzou) with his long hair and his lovely beard and his flutes and his oscillators and his Farsifa and whatnot, making his solo debut. And, yes, much of it really should be classified as “new-age”. And, yes, it does have an experimental edge. And, you know what? Yes, it is really very good. It’s soothing (but not in the least bland), it’s got a touch of exoticism (without falling into the trap of tacky orientalism), and it’s the perfect kind of music to float away to. Oh, and just to avoid any accusations of taking itself too seriously, the artwork (which is by Zin Taylor again) centres on a psychedelic chameleon in what appears to be a rather funky hat.

I bought this from the label’s bandcamp site.

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