Dopplereffekt: Cellular Automata (LP, Leisure Systems, May 2017)

cellular automata

When I think of Dopperleffekt, I tend to think of the larky lo-fi electro of 1999’s Gesamtkunstwerk, all tinny synths and Speak & Spell-style vocals, and such memorable tracks as Plastiphilia 2, in which our protagonist expresses a desire to become better acquainted with a mannequin. (Just imagine a world in which that was the big hit from the soundtrack the 1987 Kim Cattrall movie of that name, instead of Starship’s Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now. Not that I have anything against Starship. But I digress.)

This record is nothing like that. The gimmicks (and all the vocals) have gone, although the playfulness remains, and the production is much more modern, even if many of the sounds are on the retro side. Basically it’s 38 minutes of nice, laid-back, atmospheric electro, and it’s really good.

I bought this from Boomkat. They call it Industrial / Wave / Electro.

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