Ellen Allien: Nost (3xLP, Bpitch Control, May 2017)


Well, this is a surprise — and, on reflection, a pretty awesome one. I’ve been a fan of Ellen Allien’s since 2005’s Thrills, and enjoyed hearing her evolution as she combined the accessible and the experimental on 2008’s Sool and especially 2010’s Dust — and even to some extent on 2013’s modern dance soundtrack LIsm although I do have mixed feels about that. I think it’s fair to say that Nost represents a massive handbrake turn. It is wall-to-wall floor-filling bangers. It’s mostly hard, melodic, Berlin-style techno, although there are touches of Detroit, Sheffield, and some grubby Chicago acid (there’s even a track called, ahem, Jack My Ass). It’s also very, very good: inventive without being tricksy, paced brilliantly, and crammed full of moments of genius (just check out the insanely catchy bleep line on Physical). It’s the sort of record that makes me want to go clubbing again, and just get my head down and dance for hours. Result.

I bought this from Juno. They call it Minimal / Tech House.

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