Aphex Twin: Cheetah EP (12″, Warp, July 2016)

Remember 2014, when new Aphex material (and new old Caustic Window, in particular) was really exciting? Remember 2015, when new Aphex material was kinda *shrug* and “whatevs”? Well, now it’s 2016, and perhaps I’m just about ready to treat new Aphex material on its merits, rather than harking back to the ’90s. Perhaps… Anyway, on this basis 2016 is shaping up to be, well, somewhere in between. Here are four tracks (plus two half-minute excerpts) of bloopy woozy low-tempo analogue acid techno, sort of like Analord with a hint of Windowlicker — and, in the video game blips and blurps on B1, a reminder of his take on the Pac-Man tune as Power-Pill. There’s no track listing on the vinyl, but the internet reveals that the A-side tracks are variants of “cheetah”, a reference to the vintage synth of that name, and the B-side of “cirklon”, a reference to a hardware sequencer. It’s sonically satisfying and the tunes are nice… but, still, if it weren’t for the weird RDJ-completism habit I can’t seem to shake, I’m pretty sure I would never have bought this.

I bought this from Boomkat. They call it Electronic.

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