O’Flynn x Frazer Ray: Shimmer (digital, Technicolour, October 2022)

This record is a bit of a landmine to try to write about for anyone who is, like me, Officially Bad At Genres. It jumps around all kinds of dancefloor-friendly sounds, with bits of the ravier end of techno, skittering breaks, shuffling two-step, shimmering melodic electronica, and so on. Impressively, it does all these things very well, and what’s more it makes them all seem like a coherent whole. Whatever might be going on technically, there’s a consistent feel to the production. Best of all are the vocals, which are all echoey and atmospheric and just oozing nostalgic loveliness. This is gently uplifting, like a nice hug.

I bought this from O’Flynn’s bandcamp page.

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