Nite Fleit: Day Fleit / Nite Fleit (digital, Steel City Dance Discs, August 2022)

This is the debut album from Australian producer Alysha Fleiter. While it’s all firmly electro, it’s very much a thing of two halves, as the name suggests. In fact, she recommends that playing one side or the other individually according to your mood (something which doesn’t work quite so neatly on digital).

The Day side is lush, supple, melodic. It sparkles and flows. The Night side is, as you would expect, much darker, more harsh buzzing sounds and pulsating beats. (Okay, so the final track arguably has more of the sinuous elegance of Day than it does the drive of Night — but why split hairs when it’s such a great tune?)

On my first listen, Day kind of drifted by me, and it was Night that grabbed my attention. On my second, I was bewitched by Day, and slightly overwhelmed by Night. By my third or fourth time, the whole thing had wormed its way into my brain and I loved it all. Whichever way you slice it, it’s top-notch stuff.

I bought this from the artist’s Bandcamp page.

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