Anna Wall: Missing Moments (digital, Dream Theory, March 2022)

Anna Wall is a resident a Fabric, but you wouldn’t really know it from this album. It takes in a number of styles, but we’re a long way from any kind of a beat. There are shiny synth melodies like some kind of retro-futuristic sci-fi soundtrack; there’s vaguely Eno-esque electronic ambience (Murmurations has some lovely stuff going on in the upper harmonies that reminds me of the prophecy theme from Lynch’s Dune, although maybe that says more about my predilections than it does about the music); there are twinkling keys (courtesy of Steve ‘Bertie’ Burton); there are a couple of moments of dream pop (vocals from singer–songwriter Binky); there are the now-obligatory field recordings (but very tastefully done). It’s all rather delightfully swathed in a production that radiates warmth with just a touch of fuzz and a touch of wonkiness. Quietly yet richly satisfying.

I bought this from the label’s Bandcamp page.

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