Lex Amor: Government Tropicana (digital, self-released, September 2020)

An unusual one for me: (a) I am listening to hip-hop made in the last 15 years, (b) I bought an album two years after it came out (normally, I get stubborn, and figure that if I missed stuff at the time then I should move on), and (c) I actually sought this out after hearing it on the radio. Because there’s something about this that just absolutely got me from the first moment. The sound is super laid-back, but don’t let that fool you, the lyrics are sharp as. (It’s also very pleasingly rooted in London.) I won’t giff on too much, as I’m even less qualified to talk about this than most of the stuff I blog about, but I will say this: listening to this record makes me feel like the world is a slightly better place.

I bought this via bandcamp.

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