Faith Coloccia & Philip Jeck: Stardust (CD, Touch, May 2021)

This arrived as a bit of a surprise to me: apparently, I had pre-ordered it, I think on the basis of a link from a Touch newsletter, and then forgotten all about it until it plonked through my letterbox. In this spirit, I have decided not to educate myself about its backstory. I can tell you that Coloccia made some dubplates from some old tapes and sent them to Jeck; Jeck having done his vinyl shenanigans to them, it’s generally not at all obvious what the originals were like, and I’m not going to try to guess. Although there are recognizable vocals on a couple of tracks, most strikingly a very clearly rendered lyric in what sounds a bit like an English folk style on Speaking Stone. (This reappears in a rather more mangled form on the closing track, along with a hint of a male accompaniment, which I find intriguing.)

I find there are two rather different ways to go with this record: at lower volumes, it’s mostly a pleasantly woozy bit of ambient; play it louder and it becomes a much richer and edgier affair — I like both experiences, but I think the lasting pleasure is going to come from cranking it up and delving into its layers.

I bought this from Jeck’s Bandcamp page.

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