DJ Python: Mas Amable (LP, Incienso, April 2020)

The start of this record risks confusing an aging IDM-head such as me. The first track, Te Conocí, sounds a little bit like Selected Ambient Works Volume II being played in a hut with rain pattering down on a tin roof. The whole album is presented as a continuous mix so the first beats fade in gently about half a minute into the second track, Pia, and about a minute and half in we get the first of the beautiful thumping syncopated rhythm that dominates the rest of the album. Brian Piñeyro describes his music as “deep reggaeton”. Which seems apt, as this has the laid-back groove of deep house but using dembow riddims. The most distinctive track is ADMSDP, which has LA Warman half-whispering a vocal line that sounds a bit like a self-help tape being channelled via a medium in a trance. This LP has plenty of ideas but there’s nothing showy and it slips along in a way that it’s basically impossible not to describe as hypnotic, and I reckon pretty hard not to fall in love with. The whole thing is very chilled and very lovely and a very welcome balm in these troubled times.

I bought this from Boomkat. They call it Electronic and Jungle / Footwork.

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