Atom™ & Lisokot: Walzerzyklus (CD, Raster, January 2018)

Curious story. I was listening to the Atom™ album Leidgut in my kitchen in 2009 and the bit where it incorporates the effect of audio interference from a GSM mobile phone (remember that? the little morse-cody blip pattern?) and just then my partner walked in, checked the wiring, realized what was going on, and laughed at me for the sheer pretension of it. Clearly this stung, because I’ve not listened to the album very much since, even though I do like it, and I skipped 2011’s follow-up Winterreisse entirely. I had recovered by 2013 when HD came out.

Anyway, that’s all ancient history now, and I’m happy to say that this (the third in the sequence started by Leidgut and Winterreisse) is the best so far. Uwe Schmidt does the electronics and Lisokot does most of the vocals and in 18 minutes they manage to incorporate elements of ambient, minimal techno, Kraftwerk (come on, the track Transhuman Melody was a bit of a giveaway), lieder, Weimar cabaret, and abstract early electronic… without it sounding at all overcrowded or chaotic. The structure is elegant (three 2-minute parts of a Leitmotif around four 3-minute ‘proper songs’, mostly in waltz time) and it’s somehow all so natural that by the second listen you feel like you’ve known it for years. Basically, the combination of proper tunes with defiantly experimental production is just smashing. Oh, and the cover version of Be Bop A Lula is worth the entry fee by itself: calling this otherworldly sounds like a cliché, but this is the real deal, the 100% genuine dying-alien-race-in-distant-galaxy-intercepted-faint-signal-of-1950s-rock-n-roll-radio-station-and-programmed-space-exploration-robots-based-on-it-and-sent-them-out-and-they-crashlanded-on-earth-just-as-everything-here-is-turning-to-shit-and-they-robots-want-to-help article.

I bought this from Boomkat. They call it Electronic.

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