Spatial: A Music Of Sound Systems — Remixes (Digital, Infrasonics, October 2017)

I totally loved Spatial’s epic deconstructed sound clash A Music Of Sound Systems back in March. I just stumbled across this remixes record, and it’s pretty tasty too. Actually, only three of the four tracks appear to be remixes: the final track, 111020, appears to be a new Spatial track, still pretty sparse but with a more recognizable beat than anything on the main album, leaning a little more towards the nineties Sheffield end of things. Prior to that, KABLAM’s take on 291 Anu takes the original in a more sort of thumping technoid direction; Meat Beat Manifesto’s version of System I is a sort of bouncing post-industrial growler — it’s the most straightforwardly ravey thing here, and probably my least favourite, although that might just be because original is probably my favourite track on the source album… but, anyway, it’s good ravey fun; and Yilan mutate the epic title track into something with more than a hint of dubstep that works out quite different but equally epic. An unusually worthwhile addition.

I bought this from Google Play Music.

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