Marcus Fjellström: Skelektikon (CD, Miasmah, January 2017)

Cover art for Skelektikon

A nicely spiky bit of modern classical shizzle: lots of urgent-sounding strings, a bit of clattering percussion, layers of atmospheric electronics. The mood ranges somewhere between the sinister and the spooky. There are bits where the melodies seem eerily familiar — I could swear that Aunchron is quoting something super-famous but I’m too ignorant to place it. Much of it sounds touchably intimate, though there are interludes a distant feel like it’s re-sampled from scratchy vinyl (there’s one bit that reminds me ever-so-slightly of Matthew Herbert’s Recomposed take on Mahler). All-in-all, jolly good stuff (although the haunting closing number, Boy With Wound, gives you nightmares, don’t come running to me).

I bought this from Boomkat. They call it Dark Ambient / Drone / Metal.

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