Kindohm: RISC Chip (LP, Conditional, December 2016)

Resident Adviser advise us that “It’s hard to think of a geekier scene than algorave”. A cynic might suggest that “think” might be more accurately replaced by “make up” — but, what the heck, it’s still technically the season of goodwill, let’s go with it.

At any rate, this rather juicy little number is the result of a combination of live-coding of algorithms (though, as ever, it’s not quite clear how much of it is “here’s on I made earlier” stuff cut-and-pasted in) and some analogue synths. Much of it is pretty hardcore stuff, in a kind of ravey–breaksy–chiptune kind of way. There are interludes of a gloopy electro nature which are slower, although never less than frenetic. Mike Hodnick manages to pull off the neat trick of being immensely technically proficient while sounding like he’s making it up as he goes along. Even the old chestnut of the cut-up vocals of people saying daft stuff about chips and artificial intelligence (the title track here samples extensively from Mission Impossible, it seems) manages to escape the cliché and sound fresh and interesting. All in all, this is a whole lot of fun.

I don’t know why all the properly banging stuff I’ve been buying recently has been heavy on the old-skool references. Perhaps I’m an old man reaching for the comforting sounds of his youth in troubling times. Must schedule an appointment with my navel to consider this…

I bought this from the label.

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