Aris Kindt: Floods (LP, Scissor & Thread, November 2015)

There seem to have been a lot of new releases recently from artists whose previous records were big favourites of mine. Francis Harris’s Minutes Of Sleep was one of my albums of 2014, and Aris Kindt are Harris and his childhood friend Gabe Hedrick. This record is much more stripped back: the trumpet, cello, and piano are all gone, and we’re left with an 808, some synths, and Hendrick’s fuzzy guitar work. It has the same beautifully laid-back vibe and the feeling that Harris is perfectly in control of his sound. Much of it is a meandering and unusually warm dub techno, elsewhere a gentle kick drum hints at some kind of deep house. It doesn’t quite sweep me away the way Minutes Of Sleep did, but it’s still a really lovely, relaxing, absorbing listen.

I bought this from Juno. They call it Ambient / Drone.

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