Andrea Taeggi: Mama Matrix Most Mysterious (LP, Type, September 2015)

This is pretty splendid. It’s made entirely with vintage modular synths, but it’s no retro noodling: this, to my mind, is proper techno. Minimal, sure, but the complex polyrhythms and the little blippy melodies are really compelling. It’s kind of like Ricardo Villalobos by way of the BBC Radiophonic Workshop. Most importantly, though, Taeggi’s timing is perfect, it’s one of those records which is full of those really satisfying moments where just the right thing happens at just the right instant. (Oh, and the title is a quote from Finnegans Wake, so one bonus point for that.) This is a record which I keep coming back to and which I love a little more every time.

I bought this from Boomkat. They call it Electronic.

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