Duane Pitre & Cory Allen: The Seeker & The Healer (LP, Students Of Decay, July 2014)

Just your regular duo: Duane Pitre plays bowed guitar and piano, Cory Allen plays piano, harmonium, and 49-stringed drone harp. Hang on, what? The drone harp was custom-made by sound artist Allen, it more or less sounds like the name suggests, and it’s rather magical. It’s also worth mentioning that at least one of them is clearly playing the inside of his piano some of the time. This is the sort of music that is all about resonances, overtones, interplay, and echoes. The record, which consists of two long improvised tracks, is clearly highly abstract, but in a way which feels very natural. And while the sound is pretty unique, there are enough echoes of familiar forms — most notably hints of a sort of plangent celtic folk, I guess — to make it quite accessible. Great stuff for just lying back and letting your mind wander.

I bought this from Boomkat. They call it Modern Classical / Ambient.

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