My albums and (new feature!) track of 2013 (an out of band post)

Time for another annual round-up. In addition to picking my top albums, which has been giving my fun and headaches for four years now, I’ve added a top track selection, which is basically me cheating to get myself out of a tricky position.

In alphabetical order, my Albums Of 2013 are:

  • French avant-garde poetry and Scottish experimental guitar-torture combine to fantastic ranty effect on Anne-James Chaton & Andy Moor’s Transfer.
  • American dub techno and Canadian electronic ambient combine to fantastic floaty/dreamy effect on Bvdub & Loscil’s Erebus.
  • An Aphex Twin fan and a Mogwai fan (from the west of England) combine to fantastic psychedelic effect on Fuck Button’s Slow Focus.
  • German techno and Norwegian campanology combine to fantastic melodic plinky-plonky effect on Pantha Du Prince & The Bell Laboratory’s Elements Of Light.
  • A giant submarine is filled with insects to fantastic effect on Senking’s Capsize Recovery. (Sorry, there’s only one of him… but you were probably getting bored of the “combines” riff anyway.)

Also very much worthy of note was William Basinski’s Disintegration Loops box set, but that was really only technically a 2013 release, so I reluctantly disqualified it.

Google Music All Access users can get the playlist here, most people with Google accounts should be able to hear the first 90 seconds of each track.

And finally my Track Of 2013 is: the glorious, silly, and thrilling ten minutes of proper dark industrial techno awesomeness which is You Show Great Spirit from Prurient’s Through The Window.

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