Atom™: HD (CD, Raster-Noton, April 2013)

I have talked before of the poppy side of Raster-Noton. This record fits that description rather more literally: its glitches are funky, its tracks recognizably songs, and there are real lyrics sung by real people (heavily processed, yes, but then that seems to be normal in today’s autotuned industry). Of course, this is still noted awkwardist Uwe Schmidt, so it’s too spiky to trouble the charts, and it’s all done very knowingly. He’s playing a dangerous game here: this sort of irony can easily become irksome, and with tracks like Stop (Imperialist Pop) he could be accused of wanting to have his cake and eat it. The cover/remix of My Generation (presumably chosen partly on the basis that Roger Daltrey’s stuttering vocal was an early experiment in glitch) also doesn’t quite work for me: it’s just too faithful to the original, at least until the end where instead of descending into a howl of distorted guitars it gets consumed by layers of buzzing electronics. On the whole, though, I like this: I’m a sucker for that precisely articulated Raster sound, and it really is very catchy.

I bought this from Juno. They call it Experimental / Electronic.

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