Prurient: Through The Window (CD, Blackest Ever Black, February 2013)

Hah, now, this is splendid fun: three big fat slices of hard, thumping, dark industrial techno bordering on proto-trance. The title track is dominated by a huge pounding bass drum, an evil-sounding buzz, a huge minor-key acid synth riff, and a guy who whispers in a sinister fashion like the bad guy in a horror movie which is more silly than scary. At nearly 18 minutes, it possibly outstays its welcome slightly, but it certainly never takes itself too seriously. Terracotta Spine is a four-minute palate-cleanser, much lighter on the beats and on the theatrics and dominated by a swirling trebly scratching sound. But track 3, You Show Great Spirit, is clearly the winner here: It’s like someone took the opening track, ripped it apart, pulled out all of the awesome, turned it up to 11, encased it in steel, and rammed it into your ears. It’s ten minutes of heads-down proper business and it makes me grin like a loon and I love it.

I bought this from Boomkat. They call it Techno / House.

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