Lone: Galaxy Garden (CD, R&S, May 2012)

I think it’s fair to assume that Matt Cutler has at least one 808 State record somewhere in his collection. Also early Aphex Twin and Steve Reich, but most of all the 808 State — there’s one sound that crops up a few times that could almost be sampled from Pacific State. I’ve got to say, this record veers dangerously close to a slavish recreation of that dreamy second-summer-of-love sound, but I reckon he does just enough to keep it fresh. Most importantly, the beats have been toughened up for modern ears. (Whenever I go back and listen to, say, Ninety, I’m surprised by just how slow and baggy it sounds. This is probably the element which reminds me of the early Aphex, which I think has held up way better over the years — and I’m probably not just saying that because I’m a massive RDJ fanboy. But I digress.) It’s also just a little bit woozier. Overall, it’s got enough drive to keep me interested, and it’s drenched with a woozy warmth from the vintage synth sounds (and occasional floaty female vocals of a gloriously hippy-dippy nature)… if I dismiss that nagging doubt that I’m just indulging a retro streak, it’s a very pleasant listen.

I bought this from Boomkat. They call it Techno / House.

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