Gesellschaft Zur Emanzipation Des Samples: Circulations (CD, Faitiche, June 2009)

One of the things that overly earnest indie/alternative types like to say is this: it’s all about the music. What a load. I’d like to advance the following as a reasonable working hypothesis: not one thing, in the whole history of human endeavour, has ever been all about the music.

I’m throwing out this poorly-developed idea as a preamble for the claim that The Society For The Emancipation Of Samples is clearly not all about the music. It is a project explicitly designed to examine ideas of sampling and copyright. To that end, Faitiche boss Jan Jelinek (at least, I’m pretty sure it’s him, although “the author himself purports to be an anonymous member of the G.E.S.”) played pop songs in public spaces and recorded them along with the environmental sounds. Thus, “they contain not only the ambient sounds of their specific point of origin, but also a discrete and distinct recognisable moment”. So far, so conceptual… what about the actual music, eh? It’s a pretty decent example of a sample-based ambient collage type of thing. There are 20 short tracks, which means I never really find myself getting immersed in anything, they are presented more as pleasing curiosities to be inspected. It might not quite live up to the weight of the blurb around it, but it’s a satisfying listen.

I bought this from the label.

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