Claro Intelecto: Reform Club (CD, Delsin, April 2012)

This had me right from the start. The atmospheric swooshes which open the album, rich timbre of that synth melody (22 seconds in), the extra colour from the subtle harmonies (26 seconds), the laid-back pad-tick-pad-tick beat (38 seconds) — it’s everything about it is so assured, it says “relax, you’re in good hands, just enjoy the ride”. The overall mood is very gently driving. There are some more ambient moments, and some unconventional sounds (such as the lovely hollow-sounding alien crashy noises and tinny-but-reverby piano in Still Here), but for the most part it’s just really really nice bloopy deep house, swoopingly melodic and hugely evocative. Just check out It’s Getting Late, which perfectly catches that moment when the dancefloor comes together, all the frenzy of the night falls away, and time seems to freeze. Magnificent.

I bought this from Juno.

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