Stephan Mathieu: A Static Place (CD, 12K, February 2011)

When I read that this record was sourced from old 78s played through antique gramaphones (HMV Model 102s, if you need to know), I imagined something swathed in old-timey crackles in the manner of Philip Jeck or Leyland Kirby. Far from it: there is a gentle background hiss in places, but the key elements of this are supremely clean. The overall feel is almost more like an old-fashioned electronic ambient record, albeit one of a rare warmth (and entirely lacking in beats). I find this refreshing. It is also, like the best ambient records, utterly transporting.

It is worth mentioning that each of the tracks here are exactly 10 minutes long, except for one which is exactly 20 minutes. I admire the geeky feeling of having been very deliberately designed.

I bought this from Boomkat. They call it Home Listening / Modern Classical / Ambient.

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