Robag Wruhme: Wuppdeckmischmampflow (Mix CD, Kompakt, January 2011)

A few years ago, I would have considered myself quite a Kompakt fan (though I did prefer the more austere Minus). I’ve drifted away from them, a bit, but I do really like this mix CD. It opens with an ambient/neo-classical string track by Danny Norbury, which is obviously going to get me on its right side. This builds slowly into the main body of the record, which consists of high quality pop minimal, with tracks by the likes of Trentemøller, Tiefschwarz, Claro Intellecto, and Ricardo Villalobos (Dexter, his ‘hit’) being reworked and layered to create a smooth, melodic flow. At the halfway point, Moderat’s Rusty Nails is allowed to stand mostly by itself, with just a little gentle FX to tease the vocal around in places, and then we’re back on the journey. It ends well, too, with a return to a more ambient feel rounded off by a swansong from German singer/songwriter Zwanie Jonson.

I bought this from Juno. They call it minimal/tech house.

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