Frank Bretschneider: Exp (CD + video, Raster-Noton, May 2010)

The audio CD consists of 35 tracks, averaging at a minute each (though some are longer, and some just a few seconds). Bretschneider has taken a very direct approach to the Raster-Noton template, centred around very simple clicks and pads, bassy hums, and sine wave tones. I wasn’t keeping score, but I noticed two tracks featuring something that sounded like a recognizable instrument: a fuzzy guitar sound and, on the final number, heavily processed human voices. They are put together with some flair, though. The set is inventive and spacious and at times, if I squint, I think I detect traces of funkiness in the rhythms.

The second disc is a data CD containing a QuickTime video. If some sceptics suggest that glitch music sounds like the CD player is on the blink, then I guess this looks kind of like the player is using the wrong video codec. Starting from a blank field, lines of noise appear, twitchily mutate, and gradually fill the screen. The patterns are obviously algorithmically linked to the sound, and the effect is intriguing, but I lost interest a short way into its 19 minutes.

I bought this from Boomkat. They call it Clicks / Glitch.

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