DMX Krew: Wave Funk (2xCD, Rephlex, September 2010)

Why, Ed DMX, you spoil us, with your double disc set of 35 tracks and nearly two hours of nice bloopy acid goodness. Astute readers may have guessed the problem here: it’s all very pleasant, and there are some satisfying sounds and some good tunes here, but there’s no way it can sustain my interest. There is some variation, from laid-back to gently booty-shaking (there’s nothing I’d call banging on here, but some of it might make me bop about the kitchen while doing the washing up) and from kind-of cinematic to kind-of cheesey (there’s a definite cosmic disco influence in places). A clever DJ might be able to drop the right track at the right moment and really make it shine. But the album lacks focus, and as home listening I can’t see it as more than a pleasant cheering bit of background music. (One disc is new material, one collects material previously released on vinyl. I can’t discern any difference in style between the two.)

I bought this from Juno, who call it electro.

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