Peter Broderick & Machinefabriek: Blank Grey Canvas Sky (CD, Fang Bomb, December 2009)

Aw, now, this is fantastic. Peter Broderick’s delicate and richly emotional strings and pianos meet Rutger Zuydervelt’s electronic droning and clicking, found sounds, and production trickery. And they sound like they were born to go together. It’s at once very human and completely alien, defiantly experimental and completely natural. There’s a fair range of styles, from gentler tracks (Rain has vocals with actual words; the closer, Homecoming, is centred around a delicate piano work played by Nils Frahm) to more leftfield explorations (Blank Grey is nearly 14 minutes, and comprising several movements, bringing in a radio collage dominated by the reassuring tones of a BBC sports reporter, an urgent minimal piano line, an interlude of mostly scratching noises, and a mysteriously ambiguous finale of a processed string loop and strange echoing voices). I can’t get enough of this. Superb.

I bought this from Boomkat. They call it Home Listening / Modern Classical / Ambient.

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